Celebrating the Small

http://www.JessicaMonroe.com I once came across a girl about seven years old who had her face inches from a stream in which her dad was fishing.  She was excitedly looking at the frogs and minnows, turning over rocks and pieces of wood, and taking treasures back to show her dad.  She looked up at me and said, withContinue reading “Celebrating the Small”

Love in a Garden

Your Yard is a Universe “Looking at our world today can be worrisome.  We too, feel anxious about the disappearing wildlife and climate crisis.  But sometimes you just need to take a magnifying glass and walk into your yard. There is a whole universe right there.  And making that ‘little’ universe hospitable for beneficial insects, birds, and other smallContinue reading “Love in a Garden”

Painting Nopal

After taking some time to experiment with different materials, this week I’m back to painting with oils.  There’s something romantic about oil paint with its buttery texture, the translucency of thin layers, the richness of color, and the freedom to blend and layer without needing to rush before the paint dries.  Using graphite, watercolor, pastel, or acrylicContinue reading “Painting Nopal”

When Art Finds its Home

This week, I delivered paintings to a friend, patron, and collector of my art, Bill.   His home is brimming with amazing artwork, so it took a bit of rearranging to carve out wall space for the new, large paintings I’d brought. Like a creative game of musical chairs, we tried this spot and another until weContinue reading “When Art Finds its Home”

Building my Garden

Today I went to pick out native plants for my garden. In an effort to bring painting inspirations a little closer to home, I’ve turned attentions to cultivating my small suburban plot with a mix of natives and edibles. I’m working to create an outdoor oasis- a place where I can go to meditate, sketch,Continue reading “Building my Garden”

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