Love in a Garden

Your Yard is a Universe

“Looking at our world today can be worrisome.  We too, feel anxious about the disappearing wildlife and climate crisis.  But sometimes you just need to take a magnifying glass and walk into your yard. There is a whole universe right there.  And making that ‘little’ universe hospitable for beneficial insects, birds, and other small wildlife is easy: just stop using toxins, leave the leaves, and plant more native species.  Let’s start to restore our environment, one yard after the other.”  


I’m only in the beginning stages of fixing up our yard. It takes time, patience, money, and effort- things I’ve not always had in great supply. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle for even my small space. But it also pulls me off the couch and into the fresh air as little by little I clean up, plant seeds, prune, and plan.

Remarkably, even the small efforts of the past few weeks are paying off in blooms and new growth. “Love is patient, love is kind.” This is the love of gardening, to listen observe, and respond.

Not all the discoveries are joyful. The dreaded Leaf-cutter ants are in my yard. I grew up knowing that these guys could take down a tree overnight and should be addressed immediately! I asked a local naturalist about it and she just shrugged- “They’re part of the environment. They’ll only attack a plant that’s sick.” So I left them alone.

Leaf-cutter ants eat away at my rose bush.

Of all the new plants in my garden, they go after the hardy, non-native roses. Fair enough ants- eat away. Next time I’ll plant something for the birds.

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