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Valentin was the name of my maternal grandparents who each in their own way taught me to love nature. Today I use art as a means to engage with the natural world with the belief that cultivating awareness of these sacred spaces is vital to our emotional, mental, and spiritual health, and essential to motivating social changes needed to heal our planet.  This blog is written in memory of my grandparents and the lessons they taught me. It is my record of a journey where art, nature, and stewardship converge.

Love in a Garden

Your Yard is a Universe “Looking at our world today can be worrisome.  We too, feel anxious about the disappearing wildlife and climate crisis.  But sometimes you just need to take a magnifying glass and walk into your yard. There is a whole universe right there.  And making that ‘little’ universe hospitable for beneficial insects, birds, and other smallContinue reading “Love in a Garden”

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